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We've written quite a few iPad articles about our life with iPad. From how-to to setting up an iPad for children, these articles are from our direct experiences of using iPad in everyday life for Fun, Creativity, Education and Productivity.

iPad Setup for Children: iPad Restrictions and Settings we Recommend for Children

This is the HOW TO for setting the Restrictions we Recommend for a child's iPad

iPad Setup for Children: Sync Kids iPad to Mac (Computer) Before Installing Apps

So this first: Sync your Child's new iPad to your Computer BEFORE Installing Apps

Here's an iPad - and it's all set up!

I would open the iPad, SET IT UP, THEN wrap it up for a Birthday or Christmas Gift.

101 Practical Ways to Use Your iPad - Introduction

In this 6 Minute Introduction to 101 Practical Ways to Use Your iPad, iPad Family shares personal impact that having one iPad for each family member has made in their lives.

Add an iPad Home Screen Icon for any Web Page

This is a cool thing to know how to do on your iPad. You'd only know this if you tried it.

All iPad Blog Articles

Our Family's iPad Blog which includes articles about our life and experiences with iPad. The iPad is the most advanced educational device on the planet. We use iPad for working, playing and educating ourselves and our children...

Apple Earphones with Remote and Mic

I've never owned a set of earphones I really liked, until now. The Apple Earphones (different from Earbuds) are a great set of earphones which do lot more than just play music. Highly recommended.

Apple TV: Essential iPad Accessory for Parents & Teachers

Apple TV had made a huge difference to our use of a television in the home. Being so teched-up we haven't used an actual television system for over 10 years... until now!

Art Education has Evolved

Arts Education has changed, even if most of the Art Teachers don't know it.

Arts & Crafts are an important part of childhood development

iPad offers many of the creative and visual developmental processes that a traditional primary school curriculum offers.

Battle Games and the Effect on Little Children

Strategic thinking, planning, multi-tasking, problem solving, explorative learning... all of these are important...

Bluetooth keyboard, on-screen Keyboard and Dictation at the same time!

How to use an Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, the on-screen Keyboard AND Dictation at the same time!

Bluetooth Suction Cup Speaker

Sound with ease with this little stick-on speaker.

Board Games on iPad are Great for a Reason

Now, thanks to iPad, even SCRABBLE can be played without bumping a single time out of place!

Brick Breakers, Geometry in Action

Brick breakers are some of the oldest video games around.

Can an iPad Replace a Laptop?

For most people, an iPad could replace their computer just perfectly for everyday computing (and more).

Children & iPad

iPad is the ultimate tool for a digital native... kids. Give them the best opportunity to learn and express themselves. These iPad Blogs are OUR TAKE on Children & iPad...

Children's Books are Essential Educational Tools

Children's Book Apps for iPad & iPad Mini are an essential part of our children's iPad Education

Contextualise the iPad AS a Creative, Productive, Educational Device

it's up to us, the parents to give an appropriate context for the iPad, and each iPad turn.

Creativity in Education

The importance of creativity in education can not be denied but is often undervalued.

Drawing for Cross-Brain Development using your iPad

Enhance Your Artistic Development with these iPad Drawing Apps

Drawing Pad, an Excellent Drawing App for Kids

We use Drawing Pad during almost every creative iPad turn.

Educational Puzzle Apps for iPad & iPad Mini

Puzzle Apps for iPad & iPad Mini help children's mental and visual development

Enhance your Artistic Development with iPad

Experiment with almost ANY medium, any colour, texture, thickness, transparency... on iPad

Geography Apps for iPad to Help You Get Your Bearings

Geography Apps for iPad & iPad Mini are an important part of our children's education.

Guided Access - Make Parts of your iPad Untappable

We were recently asked by a Facebook friend how to prevent a two year old from tapping everywhere when given an iPad.

How to Change American English to Australian English on iPad

Change your iPad dictionary from American English to British English

How to Effectively use the Clock App for iPad

One of the great new apps which comes with your new iPad, iPad Mini or old iPad upgraded to iOS 6, is Clock.

How to Install an EMOJI Keyboard on your iPad

Adding Emoji to your iPad is a fun way to add expression to your text-based data.

How to Set your iPad Backgrounds

Setting your iPad wallpaper is a great way to customise your new iPad.

How to Setup & Customise Siri on your iPad

Siri is wonderful, Siri is grand, Siri is the personal assistant in your hand...

How To Setup Messages on iPad

Messages is one of the best things about the iPad, and it's built right in and uses your internet connection!

How to Stop the iPad Screen from Rotating

I myself didn't know how to do this until I read the iPad Users Guide

How WE purchase iPad Apps

What is an iPad App? How do we purchase one? What do WE think about when considering apps?

iGuy Case and Stand for iPad Mini

We like the iGuy Case, it is tough and sturdy foam and doesn't break when pulled. We love the handles, they are easy to grip, it feels like your iGuy is holding on to you! It is a fun shape, adding to the child-friendly appeal of using an iPad mini.

iPad & Creativity Blog

Art has proven to be a vital stimulus for ongoing creative thinking and lifelong learning... Creativity is paramount to a successful future. iPad has brought creativity TO LIFE. Read about how iPad has made a difference to being creative...

iPad & Productivity

Making productive use of your iPad takes a little organisation. Get the right apps and learn how to utilise them.

iPad Accessories

iPad has accessories and add-ons that make using it faster and easier... and more incredible!