iPad AS a Game Controller

The iPad is a great medium for games and has changed the way games are played because the iPad itself is the device and controller, allowing for a revolution in digital games.

The iPad is a great medium for games and has changed the way games are played because the iPad itself is the device and controller, allowing for a revolution in digital games.

iPad Kids Games Apps
Children LOVE playing games on the iPad (Adults do too!)

The iPad is NOT like an xBox or PlayStation which you have to connect to a television and have cabled controllers (joysticks) to play. 

Those days are gone... (in my opinion, of course).  The iPad has changed the way games are played in that that game controller AND the game ARE the same device. 

We were not gaming people. Three kids, several businesses to run and a mortgage... where is time for games in this scenario?!  

Previous to this we enjoyed a few months with the first PlayStation learning how to control Laura Croft in Tomb Raider... but that was many many many moons ago. 

However, with the games now in our hands on the iPad, we can squeeze a game in here and there.  Especially now that they're SO fun (and educational.)

There are many Games Apps to choose from.  There are Apps which are great value for money and a fabulous way to learn!   Many of the iPad Games Apps we have reviewed are not marketed in the App Store as apps for children but they are the games that our children play and enjoy (assuming the age-rating is ok, but we set this on their iPads so as not to have over-age apps on their individual iPad devices.)

We are selective about what we watch and play in our family especially with the children, so all our reviewed games are in the main, non-violent. 

If you want smash-up, or shoot-em-up games reviews, Google 'em!  Here you'll find family-friendly games (games that you'd be OK showing nannie and grandpa, right), that we've evaluated and have remained on our iPad(s) over time.  

We have evaluated over 1500 apps (as of Jan'13) and only the Game Apps we felt had an educational benefit made it onto this list of Featured Games.  

At this link you will find our list of the Best iPad Kids Games Apps we find to be most family or child friendly!

Recent most 10 Recommended iPad Kids Games:

This is a fantastic version of chess where the pieces are animated.

Play like real air hockey. . . but is finger-safe. For one or two players!

Physics-based game that works on trajectory, another in the Angry Birds series!

Physics-based trajectory game, this time flinging birds through the Seasons

Planetary gravity affects our flying friends...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Not a long, long time ago... in an iPad quite close to home...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Beautifully created, one of our favourite 3D Adventure Games!

Azkend 2 is even BETTER than the original!

This more stimulating version of the classic 'three in a row game'

Like controlling your own cartoon warriors. We love it!