Best iPad Apps for Children Age 12+, Reviewed

We are suggesting the expansion of a young adult's creative and intellectual potential at this age is PARAMOUNT.  iPad offers a means for the development to occur, in almost any sphere of education. Want to be in a band... rock on with GarageBand; want to be an Artist... show your picasso with the most creative iPad Apps including Adobe Touch's suite of Apps and creative apps like DrawingPad; a geography fan? want to be a scientist? ...there's lots of reference and explorative apps for you... Our latest reviews are listed firsts, and go back in time from there.

Just like Grampa's but without the wooden box and metal ball!

Brilliant mystery 'Who did it?' game offering single and collaborative play! Up to four players can help to find the missing ring!

Well loved fast action child friendly Tower Defence game with upgrades, power ups, special agents and thousands of balloons for enemies!!!

Stephen Hawking's intuitive educational app explains the principles that control our universe and facilitates learning via experimentation.

Fast Action Arcade style game for older kids and adults that's totally unique...control the giant space crab and stop the invaders!

Creative and fun filled platform game: the Number One 2D Building app we've found!

Fast action Aussie game where you need to control the cargo trains into the right stations...avoiding a crash!

Excellent educational app all about the Australian Government, in fine detail with multimedia.

Designing made easy - Make posters, postcards, photographs with text in this easy to use, well designed app, it's the one you've been waiting for!

Hypnosis to aid relaxation and peaceful sleep that really works plus more tips on de-stressing and self hypnosis.

The best iPad Tower Defence game now has a part 2...challenging battles, heroes, upgrades, power ups, towers, enemies of all sorts...Frontiers has it all!

Excellent new way to play chess against a chess champion opponent who amends their skill level to match yours after each game.

Great space shooting arcade game that's fast action, high definition and a lot of furious fun for older kids (and adults!)

Excellent and hilariously funny word game. Laugh while learning about verbs, nouns, adjectives and creating silly stories!

Wonderfully informative and interactive app covering the main subjects of our solar system.

Totally unique game of creativity, problem solving and unlimited imagination...type in any word and watch it come to life!

Learn how to massage with this excellently designed, comprehensive app featuring both techniques and full routines.

Excellent educational game of creativity, engineering and skill that stretches the imagination!

Your personal, informative, interactive yoga class made easy and portable!

Everything you need to know about the human body at your fingertips...or should I say your distal phalanges.

An excellent and simple to use version of checkers with hints, undo, demo and timer.

Easily convert every currency in the world, even offline!

World of Goo is a physics based puzzle game set in an imaginary world of goo balls.

Word solitaire, if you love Scrabble you will adore this game. It's clever, fun and challenging to the maximum.

Minecraft is one iPad Apps that makes using an iPad extraordinary.

Learn the periodic table with fun and engaging science App for children (and grown-ups)

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) presents 100 stunning images of our universe.

The European Southern Observatory presents 100 images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Wikipanion is a free, must-have reference App for your iPad app library.

Visual and interactive catalogue of all known exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars)

An excellent educational App showing you HOW 9 common machines it then see it working!

Track your kids - a great App for Parents & Kids with their own devices.

Out of all the Tower Defense games we've played, this one comes out on top!

Just when I thought it was difficult to replace Excel... I discovered Numbers!

View the solar system like never before! Point your iPad and be amazed!