Best iPad Kids Games Apps - Family Friendly iPad Games, Reviewed

WE LIST GAMES on this website because we believe games can be educational as well as fun. Some are MORE fun than educational, but don't we learn a lot through play!!! 

The iPad is a great medium for games and has changed the way games are played! iPad itself is the device and controller, allowing for a revolution in personal gaming. We are selective about what we play in our family especially with the children. These are all iPad Games that have remained on our iPad(s) over time! Our latest reviews are listed firsts, and go back in time from there.

Best iPad Games for Children

All Children's Games Apps

View ALL the iPad GAMES apps we recommend from over 5,000 we've evaluated. View our recommended All Children's Games Apps

Arcade Games

The style of arcade gaming is still alive and well, and many of the all-time great Arcade Games are available on your iPad or iPad mini. These are Recommended iPad Arcade Games. View our recommended Arcade Games

Battle Games

Battle Games are good for building strategic and quick thinking. In moderation they're good for the brain. View our recommended Battle Games

Board Games

The Board Games now available on iPad or iPad Mini are high-quality yet retain the feel of the original cardboard physical game! View our recommended Board Games

Character Games

The most obvious feature of these games is characters with personalities. The game features characters from TV shows or movies... View our recommended Character Games

Matching Games

Matching Games for iPad and iPad mini are highly educational. It's always great to work on your memory, and with iPad it's REALLY FUN! View our recommended Matching Games

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer iPad Games Apps are fun! Playing together with someone makes games quite challenging, and fun! View our recommended Multiplayer Games

Physics Games

Instead of real-world physics it's virtual-world physics. The most popular physics-based game is Angry Birds where you fling birds... View our recommended Physics Games

Platform Games

Platform Games is as 'a video game genre characterised by jumping to and from suspended platforms or over obstacles' in a variety of ways. View our recommended Platform Games

Puzzle Games

Puzzle Games on iPad take the term 'puzzle' into a completely new realm. Yes, there are traditional puzzles & true mind-workouts! View our recommended Puzzle Games

PVP (Player Versus Player) Games

iPad vs iPad, Multiplayer (PVP) Multi-iPad Games are cool. These are games you can play with 2 iPads or iPad minis View our recommended PVP (Player Versus Player) Games

Role Playing Games (RPG)

Role-playing games are games in which players assume the identity (ROLES) of characters within the game setting. View our recommended Role Playing Games (RPG)

Simulation Games

Build and manage a city, farm, shop or kingdom. Learn the intricacies of organisation and delegation, find out what REALLY goes on View our recommended Simulation Games

Space Games

Space Games are not really a genre but more of an aspect of where the game is SET. We made this up because we can - we like space! View our recommended Space Games

Strategy Games

Strategy games are good for the brain. Grampa says so, and I agree. Keeping your mind sharp and those synapses firing! View our recommended Strategy Games

Tower Defence Games

Stop your adversaries from crossing from one side of your screen to the other. Use the power of your towers to engage and stop the advance. View our recommended Tower Defence Games

iPad Games for Children: VIDEOS & VIDEO REVIEWS

Angry Birds Apple iPad Game

Angry Birds Apple iPad Game

The iconic Angry Birds. Guaranteed to stimulate any bloke, any age (some ladies like it too!).

Azkend: Excellent all-round game!

Azkend: Excellent all-round game!

Azkend is truly an original. Fun for kids from 6 up and a favourite of both parents and grandparents alike. Well worth it.

Labyrinth 2 HD

Labyrinth 2 HD

This really is a must-have for anyone's iPad.  Touch-screen dexterity building like no other. 

Stand O'Food iPad Games App

Stand O'Food iPad Games App

Stand O'Food is a favourite game of half of our family... if you're like that half, you'll love it! Have a look...