Puzzle Apps

Let's face it, you've got to use your brain to put puzzles together. On iPad, puzzles are multi-dimensional workout!Though there are many traditional 2 dimensional puzzles for iPad, the 3 dimensional puzzles are fantastic. We're enjoying puzzles more than ever now.

Each of these iPad Apps are high quality and are Apps we recommend. We only put our favourite (10 out of 10) apps on iPadFamily.com.au - Our most recent additions are listed first.

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Puzzle Apps we recommend:

Just like Grampa's but without the wooden box and metal ball!

Storybook adventure for toddlers, young children and special needs, with lots of interactivity, music and colour!

Stop the mouse from getting away in this game of logic for children aged 5 and over!

Find the 9 lost objects with Moomin and reunite them with their owners to complete the book app, perfect for children 4 to 9 and special needs.

A beautiful, colourful, environmentally conscious games app created with crochet.

Excellent mazes with beautifully drawn fairy tale themes for toddlers, younger children and special needs.

Cute and colourful animal guessing game for toddlers and very young children.

Educational and easy to use word puzzle app for children who are learning to read and spell.

Excellent easy to use word game to find the synonym, the word that has a similar meaning, for adults and older children.

Unique animal jigsaw puzzles with colourful and vibrant illustrations that MOVE while you complete the puzzles!

Totally unique game of creativity, problem solving and unlimited imagination...type in any word and watch it come to life!

A colourful egg themed board game for toddlers and young children including 10 activities

Excellent educational game of creativity, engineering and skill that stretches the imagination!

20 educational and fun games for your little one while they learn about the traditional seasons and what makes them different.

Excellent maze puzzles that challenge and delight. Bright, colourful, interactive and perfect for little ones.

Word solitaire, if you love Scrabble you will adore this game. It's clever, fun and challenging to the maximum.

An excellent educational App showing you HOW 9 common machines work...build it then see it working!

Puzzle like nothing we've ever played before. A peaceful mind puzzler.

This is a colourful and lively educational App for toddlers with colour, size, letter and shape recognition as well as simple counting, puzzles and reward stickers.

Brilliant educational app for learning the concept of balance

Developed by a speech pathologist, this App helps your child to understand the SEQUENCE of everyday events.

Azkend 2 is even BETTER than the original!

Great introduction to language and puzzle solving in a pirate story setting!

Educational Puzzle Games for kids...

Yes, MahJong - but on the iPad. This version rocks!

Unique iPad action puzzle, this App is one of a kind! Great!

Creative and unique strategy simulation game providing hours of gameplay!

Fun way to learning engineering, gravity, cause & effect!

This Chess app makes learning to play chess easy and improving your game fun!