Levers iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Levers

Brilliant educational app for learning the concept of balance

Features of Levers:

  • Learn concepts of weight and balance
  • Challenging yet extremely fun puzzle game
  • Physics-based with several variables make this a mind-workout
  • Organisational thinking and planning
  • Beautifully illusstrated

This is a fun way for children, or anyone for that matter, to practically understand balance and weight. 

The game starts with a set of scales balanced on the screen over the ocean, with two hooks on either end.

Objects drop down from the sky and you are required to attach them to the hooks until you achieve a balance between the two.

A new object only appears when you have balance.  That means the app never moves faster than the ability of the person playing, which I find both clever and rewarding. 

Objects such as snowmen who melts and buckets that can be filled or emptied, and even random blackbirds which fly and land in different paces on the scale make this mentally stimulating and challenging. 

Our 6 year old finds it really fun to get everything balanced using trial and error. You have to continually shuffle objects around as you progress as more hooks and different weighted objects descend... watch out for the submarine.

Great physics-based puzzler for kids of all ages.

Age Group: 3-12

View on the App Store: Levers - Vectorpark.com

No reading required.