iPad Essentials

Just like any device, there are always tips, tricks and shortcuts that can make using the device more FUN and more productive. Our essential iPad journal articles outline a few things it's great to know!

Our most recent iPad journal entries are listed first:

Search your iPad, the Web or Wikipedia FAST - iPad Essential Search Tips

Did you know you can search your entire iPad, the Web or even find something in Wikipedia in seconds?

Add an iPad Home Screen Icon for any Web Page

This is a cool thing to know how to do on your iPad. You'd only know this if you tried it.

Set Up a Family's App Purchases with One iTunes Account

Get one iTunes account for each family member... or one iTunes account for the entire lot of you?

How to Setup & Customise Siri on your iPad

Siri is wonderful, Siri is grand, Siri is the personal assistant in your hand...

How to Install an EMOJI Keyboard on your iPad

Adding Emoji to your iPad is a fun way to add expression to your text-based data.

How WE purchase iPad Apps

What is an iPad App? How do we purchase one? What do WE think about when considering apps?

How to Effectively use the Clock App for iPad

One of the great new apps which comes with your new iPad, iPad Mini or old iPad upgraded to iOS 6, is Clock.

How to Stop the iPad Screen from Rotating

I myself didn't know how to do this until I read the iPad Users Guide

How to Set your iPad Backgrounds

Setting your iPad wallpaper is a great way to customise your new iPad.

iPad Setup for Children: iPad Restrictions and Settings we Recommend for Children

This is the HOW TO for setting the Restrictions we Recommend for a child's iPad

iPad Setup: How to Set Up FaceTime on your iPad

Instructions on how to set up FaceTime on your child's iPad and how to get connected.

How To Setup Messages on iPad

Messages is one of the best things about the iPad, and it's built right in and uses your internet connection!

Pages by Apple, the iPad Word Equivalent

You're likely to re-define your relationship to word-processing after using Pages