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Add an iPad Home Screen Icon for any Web Page

Add an iPad Home Screen Icon for any Web Page
How to save this web page link (or any web page's link) to your iPad's home screen as an icon.

This is a cool thing to know how to do on your iPad.  You'd only know this if you tried it. Try it with this page and see how cool it is. You can save a link to any web page onto your iPad's Home Screens as an icon which will appear amongst the icons for all of your Apps. 

This is great for a few reasons. 

  • You can save a link to any web page as an icon on your home screen
  • You can visit the website again with one tap 
  • It's easy and HANDY to know how to do

How to Add an Icon for a Web Site on your iPad Home Screen

If you're viewing this page on an iPad, look in the top right corner of this app, next to the address bar and you'll see a box with an arrow coming out of it. 

Tap on that and you'll be presented with LOTS of options. 

The one we're looking for is in the middle: Add to Home Screen

You get a preview of what the icon is going to look like when it appears on your home screen. 

Tap on Add to Home Screen.  Name the icon whatever you'd like to name it.  It will suggest something, but I'd change it to something easy to recognise. 

Finally, save it by tapping the BLUE ADD BUTTON, top-right of the icon's name. 

Your iPad will then bring you out of the App and an icon will appear on your home screen.  You did it! 

You can now revisit that web page at any time with just one tap.  This is an easy but essential tip for using an iPad productively.  

Moving, Combining into folders and Deleting Icons

You can even move these icons around, file them in a folder and remove them when you wish.  

Tap and hold the icon you just made.  It will begin to wiggle - so will everything else.

While they're wiggling, drag them on top of each other to make a folder.  You can name the folder too. 

Tap the small X on the wiggling icon to remove it from your iPad.  When you're done removing icons or apps, tap the home button (circular button on the face of your iPad) and they'll stop wiggling.