Children & iPad

Rather than always playing with the iPad, it is important to categorise the iPad for children in a more empowering way. There are many reasons you'll want children to have an educational & productive context for this amazing device.

Here are all of the articles relating to Children and iPad... enjoy!

Recommended Apps for Boys over 12

Good selection of intelligent games for Boys over 12

Why Battle Games are Fun

Battle games are FUN on iPad. They're usually quite empowering.

Battle Games and the Effect on Little Children

Strategic thinking, planning, multi-tasking, problem solving, explorative learning... all of these are important...

Drawing Pad, an Excellent Drawing App for Kids

We use Drawing Pad during almost every creative iPad turn.

iPad as a Practical Home Schooling Device

Drawing and visualising are two common uses for the iPad in our family.

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Month 4) - Horizons

It feels like we've ALWAYS had an iPad. How did we ever do without it!

Mum's Opinion of iPad (Week 3) - Homeschool

Life with the iPad is still proving fantastic as my children develop more and more skills

Contextualise the iPad AS a Creative, Productive, Educational Device

it's up to us, the parents to give an appropriate context for the iPad, and each iPad turn.

One iPad Each Made All the Difference

Though I KNEW having an iPad each would make a difference, the difference it DID make is more profound...

Why buy an iPad for a Child as a present?

There are many reasons to buy your children an iPad or iPad Mini for Christmas or their birthday...

Here's an iPad - and it's all set up!

I would open the iPad, SET IT UP, THEN wrap it up for a Birthday or Christmas Gift.