iPad How-To Videos

Several essentials every iPad owner should know...

iOS 7 Essentials: search, multitasking & control centre.

How to Search on iOS 7? How to use basic multitasking gestures and the Control Centre to switch wi-fi and bluetooth on and off.

iOS 7: How to use the Photos App

Everyone has the Photos App on their iPad. Here's how to use it in several ways you may not be aware of...

iOS 7: Multitasking Gestures!

Multitasking gestures make iPad SO MUCH BETTER than using single-talk gestures... 

iPad How To: Moving & Organising iPad Apps

How to Move and Organise iPad Apps.  A short video that gives you the basics for getting your iPad Apps organised.

iPad How-To: Backgrounds, Folders & Apps

Learn how to make folders, change backgrounds and manage your iPad Apps!

iPad How-To: Watch TV Shows & Movies

Learn how to watch TV shows and Movies on your iPad...

iPad How-to: Watching TV Shows & Movies

How to watch TV shows and Movies on your iPad.  A quick explanation on how we 'manage' our media...

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