TV for Little Boys

TV for Little Boys

Blues Clues Series 1

Where's Blue? Need a clue? Work it out with Blue's Clues! Smash hit - Nickelodeon American TV Series. 20 episodes around 25 minutes each!

Blues Clues Series 2

Blue and Steve have more fun figuring out "Blue's Clues" in this follow-up series of the top hit TV show by Nickelodeon. 20 episodes around 25 mintues each.

Bob The Builder Series 1

Can we fix it? "Yes we can!!" Bob, the building contractor and his positive dream machine team work in construction, renovations and repair! 13 episodes around 10 minutes each.

Bob The Builder Series 2

Bob and his 'team' of machinery tools show a positive attitude to getting building jobs done! 13 episodes around 10 minutes each.

Bob The Builder Series 3

More adventures with Bob and the gang - British children's animated show that is set in a friendly and fun town. Short action packed shows suitable for young children. 13 episodes around 10 minutes each.

Disney's Little Einsteins, Volume 1

American animated TV series by Disney. Adventurous, intelligent, fun-loving friends explore the world with art and music! 14 episodes around 24 minutes.

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 1

Meet Diego, an adventurous animal rescuer and his kind older sister Alicia as they rescue any jungle animals!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 2

More adventures with Diego and Alicia who save any animals in trouble in the rainforest!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 3

The continued adventures with Diego, his baby Jaguar and his older sister Alicia as they rescue jungle animals!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 4

Diego our 8 year old animal rescuer helps more animals in need with the help of his rescue pack, camera click and computer genuis sister Alicia

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 5

Diego's animal rescue episodes continue in this upbeat and friendly American animated series!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 6

Bilingual and helpful 8 year old Diego rescues animals in trouble all around the world!

Go, Diego, Go! Vol. 7

More International animal rescues with Diego and his older sister Alicia (an 11 year old computer genius) in this American animated series.

Handy Manny, Vol. 1

Meet Manny Garcia the handy man and his helpful bunch of tools in this American animated series.

Legion of Superheroes Series 1

Join the futuristic superhero team of Legionnaires as they fight villians and ultimately save the Universe!!!!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Vol. 1

All the gang are here in this great Mickey Mouse Clubhouse series of fabulous adventures!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Vol. 2

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto, Daisy, Goofy plus more classic Disney characters in more Clubhouse adventures.

Shaun The Sheep Series 1

British stop-motion animated children's television series, starring Shaun the cool sheep, and the leader of a flock.

Shaun the Sheep Series 2

Endless adventures of Shaun and the flock. Their action-driven narrative and no-words approach to storytelling makes Shaun a delight.

Shaun the Sheep Series 3

Shaun the Sheep is a wordless wonder

The Hive, Vol. 1

Meet Buzzbee and his friends in this computer generated animation series for pre-schoolers! (4 episodes ~ 22min each)

The Octonauts Season 1

Underwater adventures and exporation with the Octonauts. Brilliant. We all want more!!!

Zigby Vol 1

Fun loving zebra trotting into trouble. Meet Zigby and his loyal friends!

Zigby Vol 2

Our inventive zebra Zigby is back for more exciting adventures on a tropical island far away!