Picture ABC iPad App - Reviewed & Recommended

Review: Picture ABC

Excellent spelling and recognition app in 4 languages for reading aged children and upwards.

Features of Picture ABC:

  • 9 different categories with 16 words to spell in each
  • 3 levels of difficulty plus many setting change possibilities to match the skill level of your child
  • Colourful pictures to enhance and ground learning
  • Ability to make your own categories for personal spelling including friends and family member names etc
  • Easy to use app when your child learns to spell common words in a fully interactive, colourful and engaging way
This is an excellent app for learning to spell with your child.  Set the difficulty level to include many additional letters to choose from or none.  

Choose from the common categories of vegetables, vehicles, buildings, food, fruit, animals, zoo, traffic, nature and colour.  16 pictures are displayed inside each category, choose the one you wish to spell. Your child must choose the correct letters from the selection and place them in the correct order. 

When you child spells the word correctly an 'owl' appears, collect all 16 owls to win the round. There is a motivational half way point to keep your child focused. There are no repercussion of getting it wrong so your child is learning in a supportive way. 

The option of different languages makes this a great app for learning common words in another language for slightly older children: English, French German and Spanish. 

Age Group: 6-12

View on the App Store: Picture ABC - Daniel Groeber

What else I love about this app is the ability to personalise it. Using your iPad camera make categories of your own. You can do this with your child as an all round learning experience or for your child. Minimal reading - child must be learning to spell.