Review: iStopMotion for iPad

Seriously awesome, making your own stop-motion movies is now possible!

Features of iStopMotion for iPad:

  • Easily make stop motion movies
  • Create, direct, act
  • Multi-tasking and organisation skills required
  • Make a REAL stop motion film
  • Enhance your creative expression

Wonderful App!  So far we've made quite a few clips of pirates, animals and time lapse movies since we got it.  This app is easy to use and within just a few minutes you'll be seeing your own stop motion animation!

It is so easy to set up and you can use it for all sorts of things.  

There is an art to stop motion movies.  I KNEW this when I watched 'Wallace and Gromit' or 'Shaun the Sheep' and of course the classic 'Gumby'.  However, I did not appreciate it until we made a few our own.  Biggest tip, move your characters VERY slowly, little by little.  The smaller the movements, the smoother the final cut.   

I ALSO love the Time Lapse feature of iStopMotion for iPad.  You'll find a short six seconds of the south coast of Western Australia video in which you'll see a typical Rainbow Coast winter's day.  Sunny, rainy, sunny, rainy.  Watching twenty minutes of the day in six seconds shows us how dynamic the world we live in REALLY IS.  

Ideal for young movie makers, proving you are never too young to make your own movie!!

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Dad

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: iStopMotion for iPad - Boinx Software

Using this app requires the iPad to be in a stable position. Moving the iPad (of course) moves the background out of sync. Guidance suggested. If you have an iPhone, you can use the Remote Camera App to utilise the iPhone's camera but control the action with your iPad. Awesome!