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Review: Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is one iPad Apps that makes using an iPad extraordinary.

View on the App Store: Minecraft – Pocket Edition - Mojang

Features of Minecraft Pocket Edition:

  • Build Amazing Structures in amazing landscapes
  • Experience a 3 dimensional world on your iPad
  • This is the ULTIMATE sandbox. Incredible!
  • Freedom of architectural creative expression
  • Engaging, multi-material 3d building

Sandboxes are fun. I remember building multi-levelled roadways for my toy cars and trucks to move between sand-fortresses. Sandplay is an important part of three dimensional creative play. Now experience the ultimate sandbox... Minecraft Pocket Edition. There are two different 'games' within Minecraft Pocket Edition. Creative and Survival. This recommendation is all about the CREATIVE mode where you can fly, can not 'die' and have unlimited resources to build things with. Survival, on the other hand, is a 'game' which we don't recommend for creative playtime.

Minecraft Creative mode begins in a 3D world with mountains, valleys, trees and bodies of water all made of blocks. You can build and dig in three-dimensions with many kinds of different coloured materials instantly, with just a tap. 

How do you build in Creative mode? 

Touch a block and another block appears on whichever of the six surfaces of the block you've touched. For instance, tap the top of the block to add a block to the top. Tap the side to add one to the side. Tap and hold on any block, including pieces of the ground, trees or mountains already there, to make the block disappear. 

You can build any 3d structure you can imagine. Dig tunnels, build underground fortresses, underwater atriums, flying citadels... As you can imagine, this is VERY cool. 

We began playing on one iPad (mine) and took turns exploring the landscape and building or digging where we wanted. Within a week our landscape had structures of all kinds including underground passageways, secret fortresses and hidden underwater atriums. Walking through the world we co-created is fascinating. 

It's amazing what young minds will come up with. 

I asked my six year old what he liked the best about Minecraft's Creative mode. "I like that you can build anything you want, anywhere you want. I like that there are no monsters or creatures that come and destroy your buildings. I like that there's nothing I have to do before creating things." 

I like all that too. I've found Minecraft Pocket Edition an amazing iPad app for creative expression. Excellent. 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Dad - Google Plus


10 out of 10!

Age Group:


This game's other 'half' is called Survival mode. This is NOT the same as Creative mode as you have to find items in the world before you can build other things. It takes TIME to dig and build. There are monsters that come out at night and try to 'get you'. NOT recommended for both of these reasons. Waiting for digital dudes to dig is not a creative or productive use of time. Neither is being eaten by monsters. For monsters, try the iPad Battle Games we recommend


Pay attention to the TIME you or the children are spending on this activity. It's totally engaging and it is easy to play for TOO MUCH time. In order to prevent this occurring it's important to set out guidelines, limits, on the amount of time 'allowed' for each Minecraft turn. We recommend setting the iPad Clock Timer for the time you've agreed is appropriate. The alarm will sound with the turn is done. This will save you LOTS of unnecessary conversations about how long has passed. When you're creating, it's easy to have LOTS of time go by without it feeling like much time has passed at all.

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