iPad Family's Movies made on our iPad

We've made LOTS of movies with our iPad using several different apps (See our Video and Animation Apps for details) and have fulfilled several life long dreams of making movies...!  Have a browse of our movies and animations we've made with and on our iPads. Click on the image or title to pop-up the video to watch!

iPad Family's iPad Movies

iPad Rap using Speak Selection

Ever heard an iPad Rap? Well, our son made his iPad sing a rap song... one, and a two, and a one, two, three...

Pirate Gun, from 3d to paper to iPad

This homeschool project went from a real pirate gun to a paper one, then onto an iPad and messaged across the world. Uses Adobe Photoshop Touch, movie made on iMovie.

Pirates take the Gold

From 'Animals and Pirates' stop-motion movie... watch the animals scoop up their treasure... we love it... Using iStopmotion.

Rainbow Croc finds a Diamond

'Animals and Pirates': Rainbow Croc finds a diamond and takes to his secret rainbow lair...  iStopMotion App is fun!

Superheroes... Always Save The Day

iMovie is a must-have, in our opinion.  With iMovie on an iPad, movie making is easy and fun! Our 5 year old's first music video, "Superheroes, Always Save the Day"... made with the iMovie App

Time Lapse of Nullaki Peninsula, Albany WA

We like iStopMotion App for iPad because it has a great time-lapse photography feature.  Set your iPad up and let it take a photo every few seconds, minutes or hours...