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iPadFamily are much more social now that we've each got our own iPad! With iOS 6 and the seamless integration of both Facebook AND Twitter, it's amazing how much more connected we are, and how easy it really is. Even iPadLad (Age 9) is Tweeting regularly about how HE uses his iPad. Amazing.
iPadFamily is on Facebook and Twitter, offering a real family-centred Review of iPad, the Best iPad Apps for Children, and hopefully saving you money on your iPad App Purchases!

iPadDad's Page

Including iPadDad's iPad App Reviews, his Twitter Feed and find out what iPadDad's doing on his iPad!

iPadLad's Page

iPadLad really amazes us. He's 'grocked' 

iPadLad is also on Twitter @theiPadLad

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iPadMum's Page

Including her TWEETS, Favourite iPad Apps Reviewed and more, visit iPadMum on iPadFamily

(iPadMum's only lasts because she asked to be, otherwise I'd have her beautiful face at the top! ~ iPadDad

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