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Note from DAD: "iPad Lad has been teaching us about the iPad since it arrived.  His enthusiasm for technology, coupled with the new arrival of an iPad allowed him to take the leap into high-technology without the constraints of cables and wires.  Lucky lad!  He's been tweeting regularly since he 'grocked' Twitter from watching me (Dad) start Tweeting in iOS 6.  He's already overtaken myself and Mum as far as number of Tweets on Twitter. If you're on Twitter, he'd be delighted with a follow! We appreciate his fresh and exciting look at the world via iPad, and (of course) we both subscribe to the feeds AND mentions (including messages) sent to @theipadlad" 

Welcome to My Web Page! 

I am @theipadlad and I hope you like the things I recommend.  

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I really love using the iPad for everything!

Here are a few of my favourite games: 


50 of my all time Best and Favourite iPad Apps:

This is a fantastic version of chess where the pieces are animated.

Physics-based game that works on trajectory and is so much fun for adults and children!

Planetary gravity affects our flying friends...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Not a long, long time ago... in an iPad quite close to home...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Beautifully created, one of our favourite 3D Adventure Games!

Azkend 2 is even BETTER than the original!

This more stimulating version of the classic 'three in a row game'

You really need to keep your wits about you to manage your bee farm!

Fast action strategy game with many challenging levels!

Well loved fast action child friendly Tower Defence game with upgrades, power ups, special agents and thousands of balloons for enemies!!!

Join Bobo, the friendly robot on a journey to explore light, in it's various forms.

Challenging, engaging, fun. Feels like archery practice in Sherwood!

Challenging arcade space game with explosive action fun.

Fast Action Arcade style game for older kids and adults that's totally unique...control the giant space crab and stop the invaders!

Engaging space-based fast action strategy game. Control your fleet and expand your empire across the reaches of space.

View the solar system like never before! Point your iPad and be amazed!

An excellent educational App showing you HOW 9 common machines work...build it then see it working!

The European Southern Observatory presents 100 images from the Hubble Space Telescope.

Brilliant way of making movies right on your iPad!

Wonderfully informative and interactive app covering the main subjects of our solar system.

Seriously awesome, making your own stop-motion movies is now possible!

This app caters for young children just learning to recognise coins right up to older children using it for more advanced counting. Learn to recognise and count foreign coins.(18 currencies are included.)

Well thought out and beautifully illustrated with excellent features - top class App! This App is excellent for young children.

Keynote IS what presentation compilation should be. Intuitive, quick and easy & beautiful!

Out of all the Tower Defense games we've played, this one comes out on top!

Sculpt in 3D with this wonderfully designed and engaging iPad App!

Yes, MahJong - but on the iPad. This version rocks!

Learning maths have almost never been so much fun!

Set in the style of a Tower Defense game: defend your tower using mathematical skills.

Minecraft is one iPad Apps that makes using an iPad extraordinary.

Monster Physics engages children in building machines and contraptions that work!

An adventurous character quest, different and challenging!

Alien invaders from the 70's have returned - with an upgrade!

Totally unique game of creativity, problem solving and unlimited imagination...type in any word and watch it come to life!

Quick action non-competitive, aweseome game.

With 9 main learning categories and 9 sub-categories within each, your child has a huge range of learning opportunities presented in a fun and exciting way.

This Chess app makes learning to play chess easy and improving your game fun!

Creative and fun filled platform game: the Number One 2D Building app we've found!

Tilt the iPad to dodge the red dots...sounds easy... BUT IS NOT!

Fun way to learning engineering, gravity, cause & effect!

Brilliant mystery 'Who did it?' game offering single and collaborative play! Up to four players can help to find the missing ring!

Unique iPad action puzzle, this App is one of a kind! Great!


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