Dinosaur Train, Season 1

Informative American animated series created by the Jim Henson Co (creator of the Muppets.) This is one of our favourites as we are learning as well as enjoying. 26 episodes around 28 minutes each.

What we think:

  • Educational show offering incredible insight into dinosaur life! Brilliant show. Five stars!
  • Travel through the 'periods' of dinosaur evolution, learn and have fun along the way!
  • Engaging characters that are fun, friendly and supportive - no 'vetting' necessary.

The series features a curious young T-Rex called Buddy.   He rides the 'Dinosaur Train' around volcanoes, oceans, jungles, swamps and other prehistoric places having adventures.  He travels with his friends and learns new things each time. There is a resident paleontologist who gives information at the end of each episode confirming what you have learned during the show.
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