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iPad is the answer to entertainment that we've been waiting for!  With it's large screen, fast and clear playback and excellent sound quality, iPad makes a perfect replacement to just about everything the broadcasters can produce, except live-TV.  

iPad has it all: Movies, TV Shows, Music & Books   

We use our iPads to rent or purchase Movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store via the iTunes app on iPad.  Use the APP STORE links in the page to go directly there to watch a trailer!  Here are two pages, one for favourite TV Shows and one for Movies we enjoy watching on our iPad, all available on the iTunes Store...

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Best iPad TV Shows from the iTunes Store 

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Best Music for iPad on the iTunes Store  Best iBooks on the iBookstore

iPad IS Entertainment

YES, iPad is entertainment. TV is dead. I really mean this is the end of TV as we knew it.  Why have a large screen broadcasting what someone else wants to broadcast, when you can sit anywhere and watch what YOU want, when you want it. With an Apple TV, everything on your iPad can even be wirelessly projected via AirPlay directly onto your HDMI television... meaning you can still use the TV, but use it to watch what you want, from whichever iPad you feel like using.   

You could let the children do their learning, then use AirPlay to mirror their work on the screen so you can check it... from the kitchen! (We do this!)  There are so many uses for the iPad as an Educational device... but we're not talking education, we're talking ENTERTAINMENT!