You bought your children an iPad, now you need some Apps to ensure they understand the iPad is a multi-disciplinary device... give a few Apps for Christmas!

The Apps Below are a good selection of Educational Maths and Literacy Apps, Creative Apps and Games Apps that we'd recommend buying and installing on your child's new iPad BEFORE YOU GIVE IT TO THEM. This way they will associate their new iPad with ALL of these disciplines rather than just as a communications and gaming device... which is counter to the reason you've gotten them one I hope! 

Trust me. As a homeschooling father of three, each with their own iPads, it was important that the context of their iPads was more than games.  More often than not they're doing something creative and mind-expanding rather than gaming.  

Boy am I glad we set them up this way. 

If you haven't read the post "Setting up your child's iPad BEFORE giving it to them for Christmas" I would do that now, then come back to this page. If you have, here's the Apps we'd recommend...

Great essential iPad Apps to install on your child's iPad or iPad Mini:

In order to make it easy for you to see the Apps we'd recommend for different age groups, we've created THREE LISTS of Apps we'd recommend, each for a different age group.

Great Apps for Toddlers & Preschool Kids' iPads
A well-rounded selection of the best apps to get your toddler and/or preschooler on their iPads to expand their minds and increase their interaction with the iPad. Visit: Great iPad Apps for Toddlers & Preschool Kids for Christmas

Great Apps for Younger Children's iPads
Younger children are knowledgable nowadays when it comes to technology. These apps will challenge their minds without getting them frustrated, and will enhance their creativity and intelligence (and be fun too!) Visit: Great iPad Apps for Younger Children for Christmas

Great Apps for Older Children's iPads

Older children know how to use technology really well, even if they haven't used much tech at all!  I think it's so much a part of their world that they don't need to 'learn it' at all. They just know how to use it. These iPad apps will challenge their creativity and expressiveness as much as expanding their minds. They'll use it for schoolwork that will blow you away.  Remember scissors and tape... no more. iPad is here.  Visit: Great iPad Apps for Older Children for Christmas