Educational iPad Apps for an advanced 5 year old

This selection of Apps provides a well rounded basis for your child's educational Apps.

These Apps also utilise the best of the tactile, graphical, touch-and-tap technology of iPad to enhance your child's learning experience.

Special thanks to our Facebook fan who asked for this list of Apps. We hope it assists you both to use the iPad as an educational tool. ~ iPad Mum

To embrace her love of BOOKS I would suggest:

Excellent book about summer, the beach, friendship and helping others ...a wonderful adventure with Milly and Molly!

Our Favourite Jack and the Beanstalk App. Fun, beautiful, re-engaging!!

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To assist with her reading skills I suggest some

Excellent first reading App covering letters, words and phonics for toddlers & young children

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If she likes pirates...

Great introduction to language and puzzle solving in a pirate story setting!

To play together...
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To add to her VOCABULARY and general knowledge I suggest: 

Great app for project work, home schooling and learning in general, 5 stars as I would expect from a great publisher like National Geographic!

If she is interested in SCIENCE: 

Bobo explores light is wonderfully informative and educational.  

Join Bobo, the friendly robot on a journey to explore light, in it's various forms.

Where's My Water is a challenging game that takes strategic thinking & problem solving to complete the physics-based game.

Fun way to learning engineering, gravity, cause & effect!


Mathmateer is great for a young child to explore maths and have fun building rockets!

Learning maths have almost never been so much fun!


IMovie - Choose the Make NEW TRAILER rather than NEW Project and make her the star of the trailer! 

Brilliant way of making movies right on your iPad!


Scrap Pad, the sticker book for advanced children!

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Let's Create Pottery... virtual sculpting and aesthetics

Sculpt in 3D with this wonderfully designed and engaging iPad App!

Drawing Pad will expand her imagination!

Our all time favourite drawing app, this one has it all!


Collision Effect takes focus and strategy, at a fast pace.

Challenging arcade space game with explosive action fun.

Spy Mouse is good game if your little girl is not timid. 

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Chess is also great choice of mind-strategy games.

This Chess app makes learning to play chess easy and improving your game fun!

Levers is a good mind-puzzle which teaches about weights and balance:

Brilliant educational app for learning the concept of balance

I hope you like the suggestions and enjoy the Apps!