Great iPad Apps for Toddlers & Preschool Kids for Christmas... 

Christmas Apps for Children Ages 3, 4, or 5 years oldChristmas Apps for Children Ages 0, 1, 2, or 3 years oldA well-rounded selection of the best apps to get your toddler and/or preschooler on their iPads. This is a mixed list of great Apps for Christmas to help expand their minds and increase their interaction with the iPad.  These are the best of the best, and great starter Apps to keep the iPad as a holistic tool (rather than 'just a game')...

Best Toddler & Preschool Christmas Apps

Toddler touch and watch app that is beautiful, creative and totally fun!

Well designed, educational and fun young children's interactive book and games.

Simple app perfect for early readers with multiple choice answers to fully engage your child!

Excellent educationally based pre-school app that has so much variety, one app covers it all!

Host a birthday party for 3 guests with your choice of decorations, present and cake!

Excellent, easy to use, shop-keeper simulation app for toddlers, young children and special needs fun!

Create your own Tea Party for 3 guests, serve tea, juice and a variety of cakes and biscuits.

Design and decorate your own snowmen, trees and castles, great imaginative fun for small to older children and special needs.

Decorate Christmas Trees with baubles, lights, decorations and and relaxing with a selection of Christmas music!

A beautiful, colourful, environmentally conscious games app created with crochet.

Excellent book using a well known song. Cute imagery and plenty of fun activities for toddlers, young children and special needs.

Excellent mazes with beautifully drawn fairy tale themes for toddlers, younger children and special needs.

Cute and colourful animal guessing game for toddlers and very young children.

Beautifully illustrated app for making and decorating your own gingerbread house!

Unique animal jigsaw puzzles with colourful and vibrant illustrations that MOVE while you complete the puzzles!

Excellent fully comprehensive alphabet learning app for young children and toddlers.

An excellent creativity app to make, bake and decorate all shapes of cakes with literally thousands of options!

Short stories with Pango and friends. This book features building a space rocket, a play at the park, putting on a magic show, cleaning up and a starry night.

20 educational and fun games for your little one while they learn about the traditional seasons and what makes them different.

Unique driving adventure filled with lots of captivating activities for little ones.

Simple to use creative App helping your child to construct their own submarine and launch it into the ocean!

Find the animal, colour, shape or object from the selection or play the Matching Game...perfect for toddlers, young children and special needs teaching.

A perfect App for toddlers learning to identify animals, vehicles and their accompanying sounds.

Excellent drawing App with a playback feature that allows you to watch how you created your picture stage by stage.

Excellent game with 5 skill levels for learning to read, spell and recognise letters all while having fun building an launching your custom designed rocket!

This is a colourful and lively educational App for toddlers with colour, size, letter and shape recognition as well as simple counting, puzzles and reward stickers.

Excellent book about summer, the beach, friendship and helping others ...a wonderful adventure with Milly and Molly!

A colourful interactive simplistic alphabet App for toddlers featuring Upper Case, Lower Case, Phonics, Music and Sound for optimal learning.

Developed by a speech pathologist, this App helps your child to understand the SEQUENCE of everyday events.

Create, launch & fly your own rocket! Perfect App for toddlers and younger children.

Our adorable Racoon and his friends are back with 5 more interactive stories and 6 painting pictures for your toddler to enjoy!

The second in the series of Pango, the loveable Racoon and his playful friends are back!

An introduction to the loveable and friendly Pango and his friends Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit and Piggy!

Noah 360 is of the highest quality, totally engaging, with a great message!

Good puppeteering App for iPad! Experience of being a 'director' and working with a 'cast'

An interactive particle app that responds to your touch creating delightfuly colourful and visually stunning images.

Cute little book about a lizard who wants to relax in the sun undisturbed...

Educational Puzzle Games for kids...

Create hundreds of different vehicles for hours of fun and imagination!

Our all time favourite drawing app, this one has it all!

Brilliant, beautiful digital trees, just how you want them, watch them grow!

Making music -Audio and video stimulation with a beat

This unique use of tracing and practicing letter construction is fun and informative.

This is a fun way to learn both letters for younger children, and words for older ones!

Unleash your imagination as you create all types of cookies and decorate them.