Review: Whack A Bone - Media Saints

Biology is fun with this great App to teach your child their body bones!

Features of Whack A Bone - Media Saints:

  • See all the bones in your body
  • Only unlock the next.level after your have mastered the ones before, guaranteed learning
  • Learn the names and positions of each bone
  • Check learning
  • Learn in a really fun and engaging way

Learn the body's skeletal system in an engaging and motivational way.  Choose between CORE, ARM, LEG and FULL SKELETON, each selection must be unlocked by answering the first one correctly.

The pirate-style parrot reads out each bone name aloud and shows a corresponding picture, your child places it where it belongs on the body. If they  cannot work it out after a few seconds the correct place flashes so your child can still get the answer right.There is no limit to the amount of guesses you can make here.  It is good to prepare your child to remember the bones and their shape in preparation for the next round.

Once you have placed all the bones correctly the next round is check learning. the complete skeletal puzzle is displayed and the parrot names a bone.  Your child must identify and tap on it. Scores are timed and displayed as a % as well as showing which answers were incorrect so you can try again.

Once you have completed the first round you unlock the next until the 4th round which reveals Harold, the full skeleton. This biological puzzle is a complete check learning round where your child identifies the correct bone on the skeleton from all the previous rounds, at this stage so you have seen all the bones before.

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 3-Adult

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I had all my children in a queue to play this game and learn body parts and to ensure they knew them 100%

What a uniquely cool way to learn your bones - we love it!