Review: Weird but True! - National Geographic

Great app for project work, home schooling and learning in general, 5 stars as I would expect from a great publisher like National Geographic!

Features of Weird but True! - National Geographic:

  • Access to a wide range of highly interesting facts to inspire, inform and amaze
  • Practise using search features like an encyclopaedia
  • Access to interesting facts your children can share with others for self empowerment and greater knowledge
  • Independent choice to select the facts you want to view, save and share
  • Collaboration between children, great for project work
This is such a great educational app as it contains so many really interesting facts about a whole range of subjects.  It is presented in a fun and colourful way to appeal to all ages.  

The type of facts range across 5 levels from least unusual to most unusual. Add facts to your favourites, search by subject, search by outrageousness level and search by fan popularity.  This app is socially enabled as you can email facts to others too, as well as post straight to Facebook or Twitter. 

Ability to read is required.  You can share the facts with younger child's by reading them yourself or encouraging the older children to read to their siblings is fun too to enhance empowerment and collaboration.

This app introduces you to the other great apps and magazines available at National Geographic KIDS.  Highly recommended as an informative and educate all app for kids, it surpasses and delights people of all ages.  

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 6-Adult

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It is good to take the time to use this app with older children on their own so they can really hear the 'weird but true' facts about all types of things ad they have the opportunity to push the fun buttons too! This app may be better played individually.

Reading Required.