Review: Pirate Treasure Hunt: Eight Challenges

Great introduction to language and puzzle solving in a pirate story setting!

Features of Pirate Treasure Hunt: Eight Challenges:

  • Spelling: You need to select words within the game as part of your treasure hunt
  • Map Reading & Orienteering Skills: you need to navigate your way around the treasure map in the correct order
  • Puzzle Solving: There are different types of puzzles to solve for extra challenge
  • Numeracy: Counting exercises
  • All round intelligence booster for children who can read a little
Step into a Treasure Hunt and help Pirate Jack to navigate his way around the map in search of hidden pirate treasure.  

On the way around the treasure map you solve puzzles of literacy and numeracy, time and weight calculation plus more...This is a really cute app that is colourful, educational and fun with bright imagery.

This game is valuable because it is not too long or too complex with only 8 challenges.  

It has a definite sequence of events, timing, correct answers etc.  This way your child can get to the end of the quest and feel good about having solved the master puzzle! There is reading involved so you will need to sit alongside a younger child so they can enjoy the game without frustration, but children on the cusp of reading will be self-directed and will WANT to try to read it themselves. 

Great iPad App for kids!

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

This app requires some reading to complete the exercises.

If you play alongside a younger child you can answer the complex questions and your child can still have the experience of being Pirate Jack on his Treasure Hunt, moving around the map in order to find the hidden treasure!! Reading required to complete some of the challenges around the map.