Review: Tizzy Seasons HD

20 educational and fun games for your little one while they learn about the traditional seasons and what makes them different.

Features of Tizzy Seasons HD:

  • Learn about 'traditional' Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter
  • 5 fun filled activities within each season to stimulate and educate your toddler or young child
  • Easy to Use interface that your young child can control
  • Relaxing and stimulating music to accompany play time
  • The activities are things that your child will explore too in the physical world too so this helps them to understand them better

A great value App with lots of excellent educational and fun activities for your child as well as beautifully introducing them to the seasons.

Access games and activities within the four seasons main screen.  Choose the girl or the boy character.

In Spring your child can plant the garden, feed the birds and ducks, fly a kite after putting it together and place animal shapes in the fluffy white clouds.  

In Summer your child can serve ice cream with toppings, clip the hedges into animal shapes and catch butterflies with a net.

In Autumn your child can rake the leaves, harvest the veggies, make a Halloween pumpkin, pick the apples from the tree and place them in the correct size bucket and match the leaves.

In Winter you child can dress up warmly for outside play, slide on a sleigh,  put decorative lights on the house for Xmas and join the dots for a celebration surprise!

Each time your child completes an activity they get rewarded with a star and a cheer. 

On the main season picture you can easily see which activities they have completed by the stars.


This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Tizzy Seasons HD - Tizzy Labs, LLC

To AUSSIES : Although our season are reversed I still find this App very valuable and it is a good opportunity to explain how seasons differ around the world in both timing and type. No reading Required.