Review: Tizzy Driving Adventure

Unique driving adventure filled with lots of captivating activities for little ones.

Features of Tizzy Driving Adventure:

  • Selection of 8 fun and educational activities for toddlers and young children
  • Simulated driving helps children to understand how to steer a vehicle and its controls
  • Helps instil a spirit of adventure within your child as they can imagine what a real trip like this may be like, very valuable
  • Helps children to understand the concept of a map and reading it
  • Engaging and motivational with positive reinforcement throughout

Our 2 cute characters, familiar to all Tizzy Apps, take an exciting journey by car, towing their caravan!

Along the journey there are 8 activities to chose from, these are spaced throughout the map and shown as signs.  There are overnight camping stops too denoted by a flag.  When your child reaches a sign the car stops to take part in the next activity. 

The activities are fun and educational such as cleaning the car and caravan, guiding ducks across the road, jigsaw puzzle, putting food back into the caravan cupboard in size order, watching birds through binoculars, feeding fish in a pond, picking ripe strawberries  and more.

There are lots of dashboard controls to work the windscreen wipers, indicators, hazard lights, car radio with 3 pre-set channels and a horn.  

Your child is always rewarded with stars after completing each activity, this enhances their experience of playing.

Each time your car arrives at the red flag the driving adventure stops for the night.  It is dark, with stars in the sky, and cute sleeping noises and zzzz's appear from the back of the caravan to symbolise a restful sleep.  In the morning it's a beautiful bright sunrise and we're ready to start our journey again...

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Tizzy Driving Adventure - Tizzy Labs, LLC

This really is an excellent App which is played over and over again. You tell that the developers have children of their own.

We highly recommended for all little people and also for special needs teaching. No reading required.