Review: Snow Doodle

Design and decorate your own snowmen, trees and castles, great imaginative fun for small to older children and special needs.

Features of Snow Doodle:

  • Enhance creativity and fuel the imagination of your child
  • Independent choice is offered with hundreds of possible drawing colours and objects to use
  • Easy to use and well designed great for toddler, older children and special needs enjoyment
  • Create together to make a communal picture to enhance the Christmas family spirit
  • Use your own photograph and turn the puzzle into a jigsaw
Begin creating by tilting or lightly shaking the iPad to make snow...instant Winter Wonderland!
There are 6 snowman shapes, plus a Christmas tree, to choose from plus a range of other sculpting tools such as buckets, cups, castles, shapes and free form. 

You can choose from every available colour shade and use a choice of different size brushes and stencils.

Decorate with ornaments, items of clothing, fun stuff, eyes, noses and mouths, letters and you can even add your own photograph to make any creation fully personalised! There is an undo arrow if you feel the need to erase. 

Once your picture is finished you can save it to your photos or turn it into a jigsaw puzzle...try to get it back together gap again, it fun and tricky! 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 0-9

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