Review: Preschool Maze 123

Excellent maze puzzles that challenge and delight. Bright, colourful, interactive and perfect for little ones.

Features of Preschool Maze 123:

  • Enhance logic skills and problem solving
  • Improve self confidence as your child achieves each level and receives a star
  • 16 different mazes to satisfy and engage, each puzzle is unique.
  • Pick up animals and objects along the way for added difficulty
  • Practise using fine motor skills and hand to eye coordination

Journey through the world of mazes.  Each screen displays 4 puzzles, with 16 mazes to complete in all.

Mazes which increase in difficulty plus tasks to be completed along the way:
Rescue baby penguins and bring them home to mama, take photos of the animals on safari, pick up keys to the treasure chests, gather flowers, collect chemicals in the test-tube, plus more...

Your child gets acknowledged for completing each puzzle, the little girl and boy join the maze characters in a celebratory picture and they also get a star for added incentive.

If your little one enjoys mazes I would recommend getting the full version straight away, because they'll want to keep playing after the four free ones!

Playful and creative mazes to help develop your child's skills in problem solving as we'll as having fun!

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

We have been searching for a while for a selection of good mazes that are interesting yet easy enough for our 4 year we have found it!