Review: Photogene

The quickest and easiest photo enhancement & annotation tool for iPad

Features of Photogene:

  • Easy to use photo manipulation
  • Wide range of retouching tools
  • Adjustments to clarity, exposure and colours
  • Reflections, gradients, glows and frames built in
  • Easy export to anywhere including FTP

Photogene for iPad is one of my most used iPad Apps.  Of course I run websites and manage graphics for a living, but I still think it's one of those essential Apps everyone should have on their iPad. Both my sons use it often too! It comes in handy for many, many things including making reflections, filtering and cropping!

What is Photogene?  Photogene is a photo retouching and annotating App.  It's great for blurring out sections of photos, writing words and speech bubbles OVER photos, and is the fastest and easiest cropping tool (other than the in-built cropping tool of Photos) that I've evaluated, and I've evaluated quite a few!

Photogene included sdjustments like Clarity, Exposure, Contrast, Lighten or Darken hilights or shadows, and colour adjustments such as Saturation and Brightness.  Retouches such as Red-eye correction, Dodge and Burn, Clone, Blur and even turning your photo to Grayscale, there isn't much this App can't do! 

Add to the already awesome features above, frames, glows, filters, reflection and other enhancements make this the best all-round photo manipulation and compilation App on iPad.  You can even combine two or more photographs into one picture (in frames) with ease. 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Dad

Age Group: 9-Adult

View on the App Store: Photogene ⁴ - Omer Shoor

A great addition to your Photographic toolkit on your iPad.