Review: Noah 360 - An Interactive Children's Bible Story

Noah 360 is of the highest quality, totally engaging, with a great message!

Features of Noah 360 - An Interactive Children's Bible Story:

  • Lots of activity on every page to keep children engaged and learning
  • Well known story presented in a new and FUN way
  • Excellent graphics & well designed controls make 'playing' with Noah a delight
  • Gathering stars during in-app activities aids kid's motivation and focus on tasks
  • Teaches and supports kids individuality.

Balancing an intelligent storyline with interactive games, Noah 360 is instantly engaging!  

Includes a trajectory game, memory game, jigsaw puzzle, music, flying plus more. 

Noah 360 shares the values and messages from the age-old story in Genesis & the Quran now as an educational storybook on iPad!

This App has several things which stand out from other Storybook Apps.  The graphics are excellent, the sounds are appropriate and the games are highly enjoyable (yes, even for us parents!) and varied. 

In Noah 360, children can collect stars, which they win during the games, to enhance their in-app playtime, making them come back to this app again and again.  Their favourite game is flinging animals into the ark, and the peals of laughter coming from us all, makes this a great family-friendly App.  Highly recommended!

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

This app is based on the story of Noah and has a religious theme. Reading Required: No reading necessary, the narrator (Noah) reads to you. GREAT!