Review: neu.KidsDraw

Excellent drawing App with a playback feature that allows you to watch how you created your picture stage by stage.

Features of neu.KidsDraw:

  • Easy to use controls to help you draw
  • Lots of colours, pen sizes and different ways to draw
  • Animate your drawing so you, and others, can see how you created it
  • Lock your picture to ensure it doesn't not get changed
  • Import a photo from your collection and add to it
This App has easy to use pen size selections, a wide range of colours and a variety of different styles of drawing type that you can use. 

The six selections along the right produce different styles of drawing including criss cross, fill, no fill and outline.  You can practise using them to see how they alter the picture before you start.  You can change the width of your pen and you erase, undo or redo what you have drawn.

You can import a photo from your album and make it into your own picture by adding to it using words or drawings.  You can easily email your picture once you are complete.

A main screen shows you all your works of art and you use the camera button to save a copy to your main  'Photos' file. 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 0-12

View on the App Store: neu.KidsDraw - neu.Pen LLC

When your masterpiece is finished LOCK it to stop it from being erased by accident. Children of all ages, and adults can enjoy this drawing App.