Review: My Little Restaurant HD

Manage your own restaurant from seating the guests to delivering the washing's a course in time and task management for children (and adults!)

Features of My Little Restaurant HD:

  • Multi tasking skills are enhanced
  • Your child will learn the overall management of a restaurant
  • Fast decisive action required
  • Strategy skills are vital in this role playing game
  • It's a mental workout, hours of game play and increasingly challenging levels
Explore 5 different restaurant worlds all with individual challenges, clients, helpers and bonuses but all with the same task...serve all your customers before the end of the day!

Seat customers in the correct table, take their order, bring water, serve food and clear away the plates...all while the customers just keep on coming!

Use enhancements to help you such as fast speed shoes and robot helpers once throughout the game.  Mop the floor, keep the jukebox going...the tasks seem never ending!

5 different environments of and the same principle game with specific embellishments for each particular world. 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 6-12

View on the App Store: My Little Restaurant HD - QubicGames

Little ones under 5 may become overwhelmed easily with the speed this game moves at. Older children who enjoy strategy and challenge games will delight in a new game to beat!