Review: My first weighing exercises HD

Practise counting by using weight. Balance fruit and weights on the scales to complete the puzzles.

Features of My first weighing exercises HD:

  • Practise mathematics in a different way
  • Learn about ounces and pounds
  • Understand the concept of weight
  • The freestyle mode means that young children can play
  • Practise the art of using scales
There are 3 modes within this weighing game with 10 mathematical puzzles to solve in each.

In mode 1 the fruit is already on the scale and your child must add the correct weights or combination of  weights to ensure exact balance.  In mode 2 the weights are on the scale, you must add the fruit. 

In the first 2 levels of Modes 1 and 2 the total weight has been calculated and displayed.  In level 3 your child must add up the totals in order to balance the weights, this greatly assists with mental arithmetic. 

You can only select 4 objects for the scale at any one time but you can use two or more of the same fruits or weights or ensure balance. 

In Mode 3 there is free play.  Your younger child can have fun putting fruit and weights on the scale without any mathematical objective.

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 3-12

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Weight can be calculated in pounds or ounces.