Review: Knock Knock Guess Who is There

Cute and colourful animal guessing game for toddlers and very young children.

Features of Knock Knock Guess Who is There:

  • Learn 10 commonly known animals
  • Guess which animal is behind the door from a small part of it visible, aids problems solving skills
  • Discover the noises that the animals make
  • Feel increased confidence as you guess the animals correctly
  • Short game that aids your child's focus and ability to concentrate on a task
Knock Knock...Who's there? 
Your toddler sees a closed door with a small porthole.  Next a jumping animal appears at the porthole for a second with its accompanying appropriate sound.

Your child needs to push the animals they think it is.  If they get it right the door opens to reveal the hidden animals with a big tick mark to reinforce their success.  

If they chose wrongly the door simply doesn't open there is no negativity in this easy to use and colourful game.

With bright, bold and friendly animal imagery and sounds it engages young children and makes them smile too!

With only 10 animals the game is short and is perfect for focused educational learning. 

At the end of the game all the animals appear in one screen and say goodbye.  This personable game is friendly and very easy to use.

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 0-5

View on the App Store: Knock Knock Guess Who is There - Irit Yablon

This is a wonderful game to play with your toddler or in a special needs environment.