Review: iWorld Australia

Learn the states of Australia and their Capital cities in this well designed easy to use geography app.

Features of iWorld Australia:

  • Different methods of teaching to reinforce learning
  • Simple content for focused learning
  • Check learning activities to ensure your child has retained and knows the information
  • Clear child narration that creates a connection with other children
  • Learn the flags for Australia and neighbouring countries Papua New Guinea and New Zealand
Learn the fundamental geography of Australia with this excellent and easy to use Educational App.

Using several different methodologies this geography app teaches your child:
The Location and flags of the Countries of Australia, Papua New Guinea and New Zealand. 
The states of Australia.
The capital cities of the Australian states.

Watch a 25 second short animation showing the location of each Australian State.

Check learn by completing The jigsaw puzzle, The 'Ask Me' quiz and The Place the labels quizzes (3)

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 6-12

View on the App Store: iWorld Australia - Lynne Bolduc

If your child is not sure of the label placement they can select the LIGHT BULB icon on these activities and the answers appear correctly faded into the background to help.