Review: iTubeList

Simply the BEST YouTube App for iPad! Safe and easy!

Features of iTubeList:

  • Choose from a huge range of educational and entertainment subjects for free viewing
  • Family friendly editable playlists with continual play feature
  • Easy-to-use app allows children to choose their favourites
  • Huge resource library for home school, self guided learning and knowledge
  • Built in timer to choose the length of time your child can view for.

This app is simply  fantastic!  

The app is in the main family friendly and safe and all for free!  iTubeList is a way to search YouTube, without having to search the main YouTube database, this selection of Playlists  is more family friendly as it has been created by people who have taken the time to organise and file their information.  Once you find a range of movies that you like then your child can continue with their viewing undisturbed and self empowered.

You search any subject you like using the magnifying glass search button and up comes all the play lists that exist on YouTube for that subject.  You gain the name of the play list and the number of movies held within. Within that main list you will hopefully discover some suitable lists and the number of videos held within them.  Once you select the list you want you then you will see the full selection of videos within there. 

All the videos held that selected list within appear. If you like the selection you click OK and that full set of movies is available in ONE list ready to edit and view from your 'home page'.  

There are other well thought out features too like the ability to change the background. You can set a password lock that only allows you to use the search facility, which we recommend.

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 12-Adult

View on the App Store: iTubeList - Dan Solo LLC

As with ANY YouTube movies you NEED to ensure that YOU are the one checking this app and that YOU ensure that any movies that need to be removed are BEFORE you child views them. There are still movies that are inappropriate but only occasionally. With the in app purchase (very well priced) you can remove any videos that you DO NOT want and then that list if available to select from and view while you are on-line.