Review: Harbor Master HD

Take control of docking the boats in this fun game of every increasing difficulty.

Features of Harbor Master HD:

  • Management and organisation
  • Enhances fast action matching
  • Strategy, how can we have all the boats dock efficiently without crashing?
  • Multitasking: Steer and re-direct boats safely without collision.
  • A whole lot of Fun!

This is one of our family favourites with all members of the family enjoying it! 

You have to dock an endless stream of boats with cargo at a variety of docks around the board.

Harbor Master Video Review:

The boats will only drop their cargo at particular docks, identified by colour.  The game gets more and more tense as the boats increase coming out from the edges of the game on course to somewhere. It is up to you to redirect this ship with one swipe of your finger and change it's course. You can slow down ships by circling them but you need to pay attention to new boats arriving!

It's "all hands on deck" for sure to navigate those sometimes pirate and monster-laden seas!! 

If the boats come too close to each other you hear a warning toot on the horn and then it's move a boat FAST or they'll crash and you have to start all over again. 

This is a great strategy game, helping develop and enhance many skills including the ability to multi task, organise, plan, and execute your plan to perfection. 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Harbor Master HD - Imangi Studios, LLC

Harbor Master is a great game for kids even though it is not necessarily marketed to children. We recommend this App for ages 6+ (although our 4 year old is also enjoying and able to play it too!)

This game is an IN APP PURCHASE type of game.

Usually we do not recommend these types of games, but this one is an interesting exception. The add ons are great offering additional opportunities and variations on the same great game theme.