Review: Find the Synonym

Excellent easy to use word game to find the synonym, the word that has a similar meaning, for adults and older children.

Features of Find the Synonym:

  • Improves vocabulary immensely.
  • Great test of word knowledge for older children.
  • Discover a joy in word games.
  • Feel good as you realise that you know many synonyms.
  • Great educational iPad game for children who are able to read.
This is an well designed and easy to use educational word game based solely on finding the Synonym.

You are shown a word and underneath it in a meaning of that word.  Next you see a set of letters in a mixed up order, using letter tiles like 'scrabble'.

The first letter is always in the correct place. By tapping on a letter in the list, it moves into the next available space.  This makes it quick and easy to place the letters once you know the word, this is great because there are bonus points for forming the word quickly, based on a sliding scale of time and hints! 

The synonyms are ranging from 4 to 7 letters and they are great for older children who can read but who are looking to expand their vocabulary. 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 9-Adult

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This is also a great game to play cooperatively.