Review: ESO Top 100 - European Southern Observatory (ESO)

The European Southern Observatory (ESO) presents 100 stunning images of our universe.

Features of ESO Top 100 - European Southern Observatory (ESO):

  • Learn about ground-base telescopes.
  • Discover techniques for photographing our Universe.
  • Experience some of the most fascinating locations in space.
  • Save the ESO's images for use as your iPad wallpaper / backgrounds.
  • A peaceful visual slideshow of 100 wonders of the stars.

Taken from ground based telescopes this selection of photographs of distant stars, galaxies, nebulae and night-sky landscapes is amazing.  

This FREE App shares the European Space Observatory images in an easy to use, fast and information way. 

Learn about the stars in the images as well as how the images was taken - it's amazing how many telescopes there are!

Use the in-app web links to find out more information directly at the ESO's website online.  Great for young minds interested in astronomy.Experience the stars like never before. Great for adults and children who love the stars, the universe and everything. This app doubles as a peaceful slideshow of the stars.

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Dad

Age Group: 6-Adult

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