Review: Crossword Puzzles for Kids

Educational and easy to use word puzzle app for children who are learning to read and spell.

Features of Crossword Puzzles for Kids:

  • Learn to read and spell common words.
  • Problem solving skills are enhanced.
  • Match the picture to the word and work out how to spell it.
  • An excellent way to introduce your child to words and puzzles.
  • 48 challenging levels to engage young children.
The clues in these crosswords are pictures, so your child most recognise the picture and then choose the correct letter tiles and place them in the right order.  

You can use the the HINT, by tapping on the Question mark ? This turns the crossword tiles each to a colour and they match the colours on letter tiles.  This means that the letter colour matches the square colour and makes the selection process easier.

The puzzles start simply with 2 words crossing and go up to 7 words at the higher levels. You cannot jump ahead but must complete the puzzles in sequence.

Excellent range of words. 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 6-12

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