Review: Catcha Mouse HD

Stop the mouse from getting away in this game of logic for children aged 5 and over!

Features of Catcha Mouse HD:

  • Use logic to solve the puzzle
  • Challenging levels for all ages
  • Requires focus and attention
  • Easy to use app with no long game instructions
  • See cause and effect in action
Challenging levels of Catcha give your child the chance to be smarter than the mouse!  

There are a number of mouse holes dotted around the game board.  

You need to block the possible mouse paths to the holes by placing mouse traps. 

This would be excellent for special needs teaching as the game can be taken at your own pace.  Challenging for older children and adults too. 

Can you stop the mouse from reaching a hole?
...block up all the possible paths using logic! 

This iPad App is recommended by: ipad Mum

Age Group: 3-9

View on the App Store: Catcha Mouse HD - Meme, Inc

Make sure in app purchases are off for young children, the first 30 levels are free!
nothing bad happens to the mouse in the game, he just can't escape down the holes.