Review: Bobo Explores Light

Join Bobo, the friendly robot on a journey to explore light, in it's various forms.

Features of Bobo Explores Light:

  • Explains a profound and challenging subject in an interesting and engaging way!
  • Understand light in its various forms.
  • A perfect Science and Discovery App for children of all ages.
  • Perfectly balanced between information and interactivity, holding the attention of even your young child.
  • Explore, play and learn independently in this easy-to-use App.

Over 20 educational topics are covered in this excellent App exploring light, such as bioluminescence, lasers, photosynthesis, lightening, glow-the-dark, fire, the sun, reflection, refraction and the human eye are explained and demonstrated in various engaging and informative ways.

One of our favourite Science & Educational App for children!  3 other sections are filled with additional facts, photographs, short movies, holograms, information and related stories. 


This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 3-12

View on the App Store: Bobo Explores Light - Game Collage, LLC

Listening to the tutorial is valuable. Reading required to understand the text but not to interact with Robo or to 'experiment' within the game.