Review: Bee Farming

You really need to keep your wits about you to manage your bee farm!

Features of Bee Farming:

  • Teaches entrepreneurship & how to run a business
  • Teaches care and management of your bees
  • Strategic thinking
  • Conceptualise real world cause & effect
  • Learn creative thinking to get your hive to flourish

Manage your bee farm.  Look after your bees and ensure you have enough bees to collect honey from the flowers. 

Once the nectar is collected the bees return to the hive, you have the option to sell all your honey or part of your honey supplies on the Bee Index!   Once you have amounted some funds you can get more bees for your hive.  Buy more bees and you get the capacity to hold more nectar, enlarge your honey pots and bee hives to increase your potential revenue.

The game lasts for '10 DIGITAL weeks', approximately 20-30 minutes to play the full rounds.

Each week you have the choice of which forest you visit, each costs a different amount of play money. The more expensive forests have better honey gathering opportunities but you may encounter hornets and other nasties who will try to eat your bees (aaarrrrgghhh). It is advisable to have a few guardian bees before you go into these forests as losing all your bees is quite disturbing! 

This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: 6-Adult

View on the App Store: Bee Farming for iPad - Five Deer Ltd

This is NOT a self starting game. It requires instruction, reading, detailed explanation and sitting with your child for the first few times they play it!