Review: Artree for iPad

Brilliant, beautiful digital trees, just how you want them, watch them grow!

Features of Artree for iPad:

  • This Creative app allows you to express yourself time and time again!
  • This app is very meditative and relaxing.
  • There is beautifully relaxing music to listen to to enhance your peaceful state.
  • You can use this app to create wonderful pieces of art for your gallery or to use as backgrounds.
  • Calming... as trees are...

This Zen Art app is relaxing for people of all ages.

Once you have selected your components you simply sit back and watch your tree come to life on the screen while listening to relaxing music. 

Create your own trees from a wide selection of trunk styles, leaf styles and flower and node styles.  It is an app that stays on iPad for occasional creating. 

There are various different settings and options you can choose from which attracts you back to this app time and time again.  



This iPad App is recommended by: iPad Mum

Age Group: All Ages

View on the App Store: ARTREE for iPad - Hansol Huh

Not much reading required to select the variations.