Best iPad Apps for Children Age 12+, Reviewed

We are suggesting the expansion of a young adult's creative and intellectual potential at this age is PARAMOUNT.  iPad offers a means for the development to occur, in almost any sphere of education. Want to be in a band... rock on with GarageBand; want to be an Artist... show your picasso with the most creative iPad Apps including Adobe Touch's suite of Apps and creative apps like DrawingPad; a geography fan? want to be a scientist? ...there's lots of reference and explorative apps for you... Our latest reviews are listed firsts, and go back in time from there.

Quick action non-competitive, aweseome game.

Creative and unique strategy simulation game providing hours of gameplay!

Unique strategy sim providing hours of entertaining gameplay!

Making music -Audio and video stimulation with a beat

Physics-based game that works on trajectory, another in the Angry Birds series!

Planetary gravity affects our flying friends...Physics-based game that works on trajectory!

Physics-based trajectory game, this time flinging birds through the Seasons

Play like real air hockey. . . but is finger-safe. For one or two players!

Full range of customisable maths problems for all ages: Test knowledge on a wide range of maths.

Watching leading speakers from around the globe give presentations on their areas of expertise all for free!

Brilliant way of making movies right on your iPad!

This more stimulating version of the classic 'three in a row game'

Beautifully created, one of our favourite 3D Adventure Games!

Fun way to learning engineering, gravity, cause & effect!

This Chess app makes learning to play chess easy and improving your game fun!

Physics-based game that works on trajectory and is so much fun for adults and children!