Best iPad Apps for Children age 3 to 5 Reviewed

Best iPad Art and Creativity Apps for Children on iPad or iPad Mini

Kids aged 3 to 5 love stores, love creating, love experimenting.  Their language skills and numeracy skills are developing quickly and they're picking up new words (and concepts) daily. The iPad is great for children aged three to five because of it's tactile nature (you have to hold it).  iPad  provides instant-feedback during times of fast learning.   The best iPad Apps for children's education. Our latest reviews are listed firsts, and go back in time from there.

Our Favourite Jack and the Beanstalk App. Fun, beautiful, re-engaging!!

Cute little book about a lizard who wants to relax in the sun undisturbed...

Great introduction to language and puzzle solving in a pirate story setting!

Educational Puzzle Games for kids...

Create hundreds of different vehicles for hours of fun and imagination!

Sculpt in 3D with this wonderfully designed and engaging iPad App!

Our all time favourite drawing app, this one has it all!

Brilliant, beautiful digital trees, just how you want them, watch them grow!

Making music -Audio and video stimulation with a beat

Play like real air hockey. . . but is finger-safe. For one or two players!

This unique use of tracing and practicing letter construction is fun and informative.

Fun way to learning engineering, gravity, cause & effect!

This is a fun way to learn both letters for younger children, and words for older ones!

Unleash your imagination as you create all types of cookies and decorate them.