101 Practical Ways to Use Your iPad - Part 2

In part 2 we share the practical uses of using your iPad to Archive Photos and iPad Lad shares how he uses his iPad to catalog his collections... In this video we talk about two areas: Archiving Photos and Cataloging Your Collections using your iPad.

In this video iPad Family shares two practical uses for your iPad; Archiving your Photographs and Cataloging your Collections. 

Archiving your Photographs

Using the photo App which comes installed on your iPad you can use your iPad to archive and share all of your family photographs (you know, the ones in the kids photo albums) with ease.  This practical use for iPad is not something you'd normally think to do with your iPad, but it makes a huge difference to how those photographs continue to 'live' in the minds of your family.

Cataloging your Collections

Again, using the Photo App on your iPad to catalog your collections, you'll see how iPad Lad uses his iPad to manage his Stamp Collection.  Once photographed it's easy to use iPhoto to manage and organise your images to make best use of this amazing feature on your iPad.

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