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How to Upgrade to iOS 6 or 6.1

If you are considering upgrading from iOS 5 to iOS six, stop thinking about it!  Do it! Already millions of devices have upgraded... (yes, even though the maps isn't perfect yet!)  If you haven't, here's a quick walk through of the steps to take to upgrade your iPad 2 or the new iPad to iOS 6... 

Sure, there are still a few bugs to find out, but it's only been a few days!  I have found more productive and fascinating features in iOS six within the first few hours, then I ever expected.  

Sure, I use my iPad to take dictation. But that's nothing like asking Siri to take a note for me...  Sure, I could use my alarm clock app to set an alarm, but that's nothing like asking Siri to wake me up in the morning!

If you have an iPad, and wondered who Siri is, upgrade to iOS six and find out!  Siri is the new personal assistant for your iPad.

But that's not the point of this blog.   The point is, whether you're going to upgrade or not, and how you're going to do that, once you realise that there is no point in waiting!. 

And if you're still thinking about it. Then good, because that will keep you reading.


To upgrade it's easy. Go to settings.  In the left-hand column, make sure you've tapped on General.  In the right-hand column, look for software update. This should be the second option.

When you tap on software update, iPad will check for an update.   If you have an iPad (version 2) or the new iPad, your iPad will tell you that there it is an update available. 

You can, update your iPad now.  However you may want to read what I say below if you are interested in speeding up the process.

You can update your iPad to iOS 6 by using your computer.  If you connect your iPad to your computer, and open iTunes, you will see, when looking at your iPad in the left-hand column, a button that says check for updates.  You can download and install the update for your iPad, directly in this interface.

I found that updating my iPad using this method, was significantly faster than updating an iPad using the Wi-Fi method, below.  I would imagine this was because my computer was hardwired to my network, and thus the Internet, therefore it was able to download the update much faster than my iPad was, since my iPad is only connected via Wi-Fi. 

If you don't know what all of that means, then I would just go and update your iPad using the method described first.


The update first became available in the wee hours of the morning of Wed, 19th of September 2012.  I noticed that the update was available (yes, I was up working) and immediately began updating my youngest son's iPad. It took less than half an hour.  

The second iPad to be updated took 1 hour and 10 minutes.  In the third one, 1 hour and 30 minutes.  As more people begin to update, it could be fast, it could be slow, but I would leave enough time to let it 'do it's thing'.   Remember though, we're on a high-speed internet connection with a high-speed wi-fi (5ghz) network in the office. 


If you find you're unable to update your iPad in this way, it could be that you are only connected to the Internet via a cellular network.  This means that rather than using telephone cables and an Internet connection, transmitted via Wi-Fi. You are using the cellular airwaves that mobile phones use.

As you can imagine, a lot more data can pass through a hardwired cable then through the telephone airwaves.   And at much higher speeds. 

What this usually means, is that you need to go to a Wi-Fi zone.  If you have wireless, i.e. Wi-Fi in your house, then you should be able to tap into this Wi-Fi to update your iPad using the first method described above.

Or, use the second option which is to update your iPad using your computer to download and install the update for your iPad, via its Internet connection.  

If you're thinking "IT ALL SOUNDS TOO DIFFICULT!"

My opinion is that I would persevere, and ensure that I had the world's most advanced operating system on the world's most advanced device!!!  No kidding.  iOS 6 can do MUCH more than iOS 5 on iPad.  We're all convinced it was WELL WORTH the upgrade, and that's from the whole family, aged 3 to 95.

NONE OF THAT'S WORKING! Why can't I update my iPad to iOS 6?

If you're really not sure, visit the nearest Apple store.  I have found that they are very helpful with ensuring people have the latest updates.


A little note on our beloved iPad 1. Yes, the iPad version 1 is not updatable.  That by no means diminishes the power of that iPad, it only means that that is as far as it will go.  I am sure it will be around until the last, as this truly is an amazing device.  Out of all the devices that I have ever owned, the iPad one is probably going to be my prized gadget of all time.   I, like my grandfather before me, hope to share my iPad 1 with my great great great grandchildren via whatever means communication occurs in, in another 50 years time.

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