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Practical Ways to Use Your iPad

Many people use their iPad for only a few tasks besides browsing the web, sending eMails and Social Networking. Mostly because they don't know what else can be done with iPad. iPad is relatively new.

It was only 2010 when Steve Jobs announced 'iPad' Everyone's still experimenting with them... learning what's possible now that iPad is here. 

Using Your iPad in 101 Practical Ways

You can see the names and locations of every star above you in the sky, learn another language, calculate and convert just about everything and even fly wi-fi hoverdrones.... yet there are still 101 more practical ways to use your iPad! We use iPad for more than the web.  (Video excerpts from the iPadFamily.com.au "101 Practical Ways to Use Your iPad" presentation.)

Use iPad: As a Calendar

iPad is the best calendar system we've ever experienced. Up to date, synced between iPads, easy to use and navigate.

Use iPad: As an Address Book

I never kept an efficient Address Book until iPad came along. It's difficult to keep things organised. I think that's because it's a law of the universe.

Use iPad: As a remote Teacher or Trainer

Use your iPad to train or tutor someone! Record and edit your training on your iPad for presentation again and again.

Use Your iPad: As a Personal Assistant

iPad is an amazing tool which can act as your Personal Assistant

Use iPad: As a Notebook

iPad is an incredible Note taking device for text, sketchs and audio notes.

Use Your iPad: As a Scrapbook

Combining different textures and colours in patterns and shapes helps us model the world we live in.

Use iPad: As a Scanner

iPad is the fastest, easiest and most efficient way of getting a document digitised I've experienced in almost two decades of educating and web-developing.

Use your iPad: As a Special Effects Camera

Imagine, giving a nine year old a special effects camera. I am completely amazed. iPad has made photography for children finally possible.

Use Your iPad: As your Recipe Book

iPad is an easy to find recipe book, but not the kind you'd expect.

Use Your iPad: As a Camera

iPad is a Camera, why it's easier to Dogde and Burn on an iPad, and why old school photography is gone for good.

Use Your iPad: For Archiving & Cataloging

Two practical ways to use your iPad in everyday life.

101 Practical Ways to Use Your iPad - Introduction

From age 3 to age 95, iPad has made a difference in how iPadFamily now relate as a family spanning four generations...

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Practical Ways to Use Your iPad

These excerpts are from iPadFamily.com.au's live iPad Workshop detailing 101 practical ways to use your iPad

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